Ways of Landscaping Around Trees

Trees don’t necessarily have to be a stand-alone element of landscaping. As the leaves and limbs fill over the top area, the trunks remain narrow, allowing an empty ground space. Putting gravel or mulch or even making a flower bed around the bases of trees could add landscape attention, which offers an overall finished look to the yard. Here are some of the landscaping ideas around a tree and start planting.

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Select shady plants

The space below the tree’s canopy could be a plain spot in the lawn. When a tree grows in the middle of a garden bed, chances are it could interfere in the designing of a landscape. In order to fix this blank patch around a tree, you can begin by clearing any remaining grass and weeds. Prepare soil for planting and then put shady and hardy plants all around the tree’s base. One of the greatest options you can plant is Hostas since they can tolerate shade and neglect. Also, they fill in nicely. Ferns would also be fine under a tree. To add some color, you can try adding begonias, impatiens, astilbe, or coral bells.

Add Mulch

A simple way to start designing under a tree it through adding mulch around it. Mulch is more than wood chips. It could also be in the form of gravel and rocks. Moreover, landscape fabric could be utilized as a material for mulching. Using this method adds to the beauty of the garden. This helps unify the appearance of your yard, as well, by simply utilizing the similar color and type of mulch all over your landscape. The repetition of mulch around trees and flower beds provides the landscape a clean and cohesive look. Mulching serves multiple purposes and has several benefits. It shields the trunk of the tree from being damaged. Also, it helps insulate the soil and protects delicate roots from being strained by the heat of the sun. It regulates the water level in the soil as well.

Add garden accents

If you do not want to achieve a full flower bed, you can incorporate some garden accents all over the tree to fill blank areas. Massive smooth rocks will aid to keep weeds from growing and it also gives a natural element to space. In open spaces, you can put small container gardens in order to incorporate contrast and height. Also, below the tree would be an ideal area for a toad house or a fairy garden.

All of these things might be easier said than done. This could be hard especially for beginners in this field. It is totally fine if you wish to landscape your own yard yourself. However, you have to take into consideration that there will be times when things might not go the way we planned. You can avoid such circumstances by hiring an expert in landscaping West Lake Hills because their professional landscapers are certified, experienced, well-equipped, and ready to work in any given situation.

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